Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Non MDS File Installation Tutorial

I know My Digital Studio isn't the only digital scrapbooking software out there, and I know that theoretically we are compatible with other files, but to date, I have not experimented with that.  So  I went looking for a Girl Scout themed Digital Scrapbook paper and embellishments.  I  wanted to test out and see how tricky the installation process was to do to help guide anyone importing existing files into MDS. Plus, I have 2 girl scouts in my house and I have been taking a bunch of pictures at their events so I hoped to find the troop numbers we use somewhere. 

So here goes.  I  found a really cute kit page on  I purchased it and downloaded the 5 files.  Then I did a quick google search for instructions. Once I knew what I was doing, I got started.

On a Mac- this is what you do.  Find your application folder, and got to My Digital Studio.

It should look a little like this with 3 main folders.  Open the Components Folder
To install your items, you will be working from this point on.  Paper will go in Backgrounds, Embellishments, in their folder, and so forth. So, start with paper

Go to the Designer Series Paper Folder>Designer Kits and create a new folder for your new download.  Unzip the file you have downloaded, and open the new folder you just downloaded.  Drag the new files into the new MDS folder.   Repeat for any other papers you need to install.

Repeat the same sequence when you install the other files just be sure to find the proper folder.  Embellishments need their folder, and I gave them a new folder under the main embellishments folder instead of in Designer Kits as I did for the paper.  I did find that an "alpha" I had downloaded in my kit needed to be placed in the embellishments folder not the stamp folder.  It did not display properly as a stamp.  I changed it over while the software was running, but in order to view the new placement, I had to quit and restart the software.  After that is worked perfectly.

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