Thursday, July 25, 2013

Opening my Paper Pumpkin Trial kit

I ordered this kit about three months ago, and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't had a chance to open/post the details!  I wanted to clear my desk off first:(

So I opened the kit wondering what was inside!  It's like opening a present!

Inside I found all the materials to make two cute little notebooks!  I had twine, notebooks, an ink spot, embellishment stickers, and two stamps.

It was fairly self explanatory on what to do to put it together,  so within 5 minutes I had my stamp stickers in place, ink open, and was ready to stamp!  After another 5 minutes, my first notebook was done.  Yahoo!  Simple supplies delivered to me, easy project, craft fix satisfied!  Now I'll spend some more time cleaning my craft area:))

I may have made my two little books quickly, but these supplies are all gone!  I still have a few butterflies I can use, but the ink spot and stamp and block are available for other fun projects, I can use those in lots of other ways!  Totally great deal in my opinion, but this month if you sign up, the first two months are only $10/month!

Go to to get your trial kit for 16.95 or to sign up for a monthly craft kit delivered to your door!

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