Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Life MDS Hybrid

So, I am trying an experiment, I made a page on the Project Life App, using the Project 52 Edition kit, which I imported into My Digital Studio. I wanted to be able toa dd text to the card saying the days date for example, and while I was at it, add a tiny stamps. I am going to have this page printed through the App and through the MDS printer and see which one will give me a better quality print. My concern is that when I went to add my exported picture the resolution of the image no longer looked as crisp. It looked perfect at 6x6" but I wanted the full 12x12" page. So we will see. If anyone else has tried this let me know. I love the fun of the App, but my plan had always been to pull the pages into a MDS book when I was done. Now I am having second thoughts. Sigh.

So in this image, I actually also redid my text.  I covered the old text with a punch, which I filled in with the color picker of the white of the PL52 Card.  I added the tiny heart at the bottom of the card as well, and of course the date on the top left card.

This is image pulled straight in from the app itself. It imports at 1.6MB which is low for an MDS page.  My pages seem to be more like 5-10MB per page.

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