Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Shot Fabric Purse

So There is a craze sweeping through my friends of using our Big Shots for quilting type projects. I have tried quilitng, and frankly getting all those pieces the same size to make everything match is quite tricky and no fun to me so the idea of the big shot really caught my attention!

This is my second Big Shot fabric creation. I used 3 fat quarters to make this little bag. I cut out 4 squares for the front, back and sides. I cut them out of two different colors. The inside was made using a different fabric for contrast, and because I didn't have enough in the first 2 fat quarters :) With the strips left over I made the purse handles and closing strap. I also used 2 of my squares to make a pocket on the inside of the bag.

Sewing Instructions:
Pair fronts and backs together. Stitch a line across the center of each square. I sew mine together all in a line of 4. Then clip and repeat the process. I don't cut the thread until I get through all 4. Do that for all your pieces.

Choose 4 for the front & 4 for the back. Line up your sides. Lay them out and check your pattern if you have one. Stitch together the front & back. Stitch together the bottom and sides. Then apply the front to one end and the back to the other. Line up the opposite sides and sewing in the sides. finish off by sewing around the edges of the base.

You need 3 fat quarters for a purse this size. I had some scraps left over, enough to make a flower, but would have needed more fabric to make a purse that was 3x2.

You also need to cut squares of batting slightly smaller than the scallops to add stability and weight to the fabric. I used fusible fleece since I had some left over from another project. It worked out well. This is the unwashed version. Once I washed it, it shrunk a bit and the edges ruffled for me!

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