Monday, September 13, 2010

Stick On Rhinestone Drawing

To encourage participation, and to say thanks for helping, anyone who hits reply will be entered in my drawing for a free package of the our new Rhinestone Stick On Brads.

I need you to look at the scale below and choose a number.   You are choosing where you feel about Stampin' Up!  demonstrator business opportunity.  The company benefits of being an active demonstrator are the same whether you are a hobby or career demonstrator. You can also view more about the opportunity on Stampin’ Up!’s company website. People join for many different reasons and you may have goals similar to these "types";

 a Seasonal or Short Term Demonstrator who signs up only for a short time for the discount, or just to make a certain amount of extra income
a Hobby Demonstrator who is looking for a discount on the supplies that they normally buy and may have the occasional workshop or class
a Career Demonstrator who is looking to use Stampin Up as a Long Term Career Opportunity, for making an income, and wants to move up the business ladder.

The scale will run from 1-10
1    - Thanks for Asking, but No Thanks
5    - I'm curious. Tell Me More about your different demonstrator options
10  - I am very interested, let's talk?

Please add your comment below and let me know which number you select.
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Also, anyone indicating any answer over 3 will be invited to a Demonstrator Opportunity night with a Short Question and answer session and Demonstrator of some wonderful Holiday Projects, and of course and fun stamped Make & Take. 

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