Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Punch Art Elf Card

I made this little guy before Christmas, but just finally got a chance to post this.  This guy take a lot of pieces to create.  I didn't get a chance to create a tutorial, but here is a quick list.
Ornament Punch-hat and face
Owl punch - I used the small heart to make the ears and hands and bow, eyes and center of the bow
Oval- bite off the top of the hat, legs
Word window -Socks
Trio hearts-arms, and collar, feet
1/2" circle nose and puff on the hat
Large tab-shirt
I think that is everything.  I also used the Snowflake embossing folder and white craft ink to create a fun winter scene.  Feel free to email me for a better picture, or if I can, recreate him and post the pieces. I made a UPS guy clock once, and he is similar in concept to the body of the UPS guy.

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