Monday, February 7, 2011

Scrapbooking- Month at a Time

While I no longer remember how I found Debbie Hodge, but I want to share a great scrapbooking resource I found popping up on Facebook.  I know at some point in the last week, I liked her blog, but I must be having a senior moment, because that liking moment is gone from the data banks! Anyway....she is doing a great challenge this year, and doing 1 month at a time.  I love this idea because it means you will always stay current for the year, and at the end in Jan 2012, you can go get your book printed, if you are working digitally, or you can start all over again if working traditionally.

So... here is her challenge page on her blog,  but she also has some incredible design ideas and resources that are worth browsing around on her site.  I will be playing with a few of her sketches tonight as I work on January 2011.

This image is actually from December and I have scrapbooked it already, but in a  different format.  I decided I really do want to stick with 12x12 for Family scrapbooking.  I love to use lots of pictures, and that really gives me plenty of space!  I experimented with one of her sketches for a 2 page spread.  I am pretty pleased with what I was able to create last night.  My title is a little hard to read though, gotta work on that.  At any rate, I love the Duplicate mirrored feature in My Digital Studio.  It made the creating process easier for me!!


  1. Great layout Heather! I love your pics, sure captures how much of that fluffly white stuff we have! great job. hugz n blessings.

  2. I love the layout. Great blog. I'm following you via SC. Thanks
    Carrie Sampsel


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