Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pocket Tissue Holder

I was trying to think of fun crafts to how my daughters on Valentine's Day that don't include candy and came up with this cute idea. Can't claim totally originality as I have seen them before on other site.

I took my candy cane Christmas fabric and cut out two rectangles. I turned right sides together and stitches the edges leaving an opening on the short side to turn the fabric inside out. Once it is flipped fold in the raw edges and run a stitch along each short end.

If you want to embellish the case do so now. I tore a skinny strip of the fabric and stitched down the center then pulled one thread to gather it into a ruffle. I pinned the ruffled on then sewed it near the bottom third. You could run a ribbon, button, or bow now if you would like. Another fun embellishment would be a piece of trim cut from the Tasteful Trim Big Shot XL die.

Next center the tissue packet and overlap the center seams ever so slightly. Pin the short ends. Run a seam across the ends and back stitch over the center overlap to anchor firmly. Flip inside out and insert your tissue packet.

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