Thursday, November 14, 2013

MDS Error Tips

So because of the 30% off MDS sale until November 30th, I have been working hard on my 2011 scrapbook.  I finally got it wrapped up yesterday, and went to publish.  Yikes, I got an error message I have never seen before. 
It told me the Background on two pages was Null, and two pictures were missing on another page.  I went to the specified pages, but no matter what I tried, I could not get the error to change or to go away.  Finally I decided to delete the page missing images and rebuild it since nothing was working.  The window opened asking me if I want to delete page 12.  I was working on the page that said #10 not the actual #10.

I didn't realize that that program was  counting my Front and Back pages at the beginning of the book as the first 2 pages, so all my error messages I had tried to fix had been on the wrong pages.  I was off by 2.  Smack the head. Simple mistake but I spent a ton of time trying to fix it, so if you get a similar message, save yourself some time and frustration and subtract 2!!post signature

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