Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines MDS Style

I have two school age girls, and both girls are in Girl Scouts, which meant we were looking at over 70 valentines that needed to be made.  Shockingly enough I left it until the last minute. My Digital Studio was able to help me out!  I created a 6x6 card, then shrunk everything down and placed 12 on a page. I mounted those 2.625" squares on a 3x3 piece of cardstock, which got adhered to candy and a pencil.  The concept was lollipop, but it became more of a flag:)  I'll choose different candy next time.  I also used some leftover candy cane fabric to make an adorable little flower from my Island floral Die.  Not only did it make a great accessory for the bag, it is actually a hair clip for her teacher.  My daughter said she wore it the rest of the day!  Yeah!


  1. Love your talent, I am passing along the Stylish Blogger award to you.

    Visit my blog for all the details:

  2. Wow thanks so much Belinda!! That is awesome!


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