Friday, July 22, 2011

Iris Folding-ornament punch

This week our challenge was to do a Card using Iris Folding. I have never done this before, and it was so much fun to learn how to do it, and then make a card myself.

To make an Iris Folded card, you need to have this strips of folded scrapbook paper. Then you layer them around in a pattern based on your template or shape you want to use.  If you google it, you can come up with tones of free templates, and some really interesting projects.  Mine is a great beginners project though!

I had my ornament punch and wanted to do my folds using that punch so I created my own template. I basically took my punch traced it out, then doodled around with my ruler until it looked good to me. I have a picture of my template. I'll clean it up and add it as a new file for downloading.

Then I used my punch piece and laid it down and taped it with scotch tape so I could check my work. Layer up your strips, trim the excess and go around until you get to the center shape. I popped my ornament with dime Sui dale and finished my card with glitter, and a greeting from Greetings Galore. Simple but fun!

Give it a try, and post your project at

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