Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simply Scored Tool Raffle September 10th - Enter Now!

I love to make 3d projects for myself, as gifts, in Classes, and in workshops.  I have been using my little black slider on my old Stampin Up! Paper trimmer.  It works after a fashion.  But more often then not, I mess up, and each project I try and score is either done wrong or is not identical to the others.  My reject pile can't get pretty high on some projects! This is really frustrating to me so when Shelli announced on Main Stage that we would be getting a Simply Scored Tool, I was absolutely thrilled!!  Our Simply Scored Tool holds 12x12 paper.  It has 1/8" tracks which is absolutely great!  It comes with 3 little place markers that stick in place on the edge (Tiny hash marks on my paper trimmer were not working for me).  It also includes a stylus with 2 different size ends.  The stylus glides wonderfully well on paper and cardstock! It has nonskid nonmarking feet on the bottom, and has a little storage slot for a bone folder, lipstick, candy, or extra markers.

The best part in my opinion are the rulers.  We have 2 different rulers, one goes from 0-12".  The other starts in the center at 0" and goes out in each direction.  Thank you so much for that one!!  Perfect for some many uses.  The Rulers will not fade or wear off either. And because they know it will happen, they sell extra feet and stylus.  I'll probably lose mine at least once!

So now you know all about it's features, now look and see some of the fun things you can make!

Did I mention as a demonstrator I can preorder it August 1st?  That might be one of my favorite benefits as a demonstrator getting to order product early!  I was not one of the lucky winners of a Simply Scored Tool Prize Patrol at Convention, but I'll have mine soon enough!  It is so worth signing up on my Team in July, just to get the Simply Scored Tool a month early, and at a 30% discount!

Now that you love it and absolutely want to have it, here is how you can win it for free!  During the month of August you can earn tickets for my Raffle in September. I'll be giving away a Simply Scored Tool to one very lucky ticket holder.

To enter the raffle: 
Like/Follow me on Facebook at and comment on my Facebook page to earn 1 Ticket.

Attend a Class and place a $50 order at class to earn 1 Ticket. Bring a Friend and Earn 1 Ticket.

Place an order online (or email me your order) for $75 and receive 1 ticket.  Each additional $75 order earns another ticket.

Host a Workshop in August or schedule your workshop for September to earn 2 Tickets.

Attend a Workshop with a friend to a workshop and receive an extra Ticket.

Place a $50 workshop order and earn 1 Ticket.

Sign up as a Demonstrator to earn 5 tickets.  Sign up Before August 16th and earn an extra 5 tickets.

Please add a comment below and let me know your ticket progress!

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